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Auto Glass Damage & Repairs

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The most cautious drivers can still get into a collision at any given time, as all it takes to happen is to share the road with someone who is driving negligently. Due to the possibility of falling into such a circumstance, it is important to ensure that your vehicle has a high level of structural stability. A problem that seems minor can actually cause a vehicle to lose some of its structural integrity, such as a small crack in the windshield. You must keep track of the condition of your vehicle windows so that repairs or replacements can be made in a timely manner when it is necessary. Even if you decide to only repair only a few of the windows at a time if several of them are damaged, the windshield should be considered a priority.

The Structural Integrity Role of a Windshield

Although it is known that a windshield is in place for protection against outside elements flying into the vehicle, it has another responsibility as well. Something that many drivers are unaware of is that a windshield has a big role in structural integrity, especially when involved in accidents. Basically, the windshield can potentially prevent the roof from being crushed when a vehicle rolls over. You might not think that a small crack in your windshield poses a big problem, but it actually weakens the integrity of the roof. Windshield damage should be repaired as soon as it is noticed.

Deciding on a Repair or Replacement

If you intend to repair your damaged windshield on your own, it might not be the greatest idea. The reason is that the damage may possibly be too severe for a glass repair kit to fix the glass in a satisfactory manner. You will need to take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop so a professional can let you know if a repair or complete replacement is the best route to take. The cracks or chips will be examined to determine how wide they are. If the width of the damage or location is questionable, a professional will likely recommend that you get a new windshield for your vehicle.

Auto Insurance & Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement fees can usually be covered by an auto insurance policy, or at least a portion of the costs. The fees are based on the type of vehicle that you have and will usually cost a couple hundred dollars out of pocket without insurance, but they can also be charged at a lower or higher rate. You can get a specific price quote for your vehicle at an auto glass service shop.