Ordering Mobile Windshield Repair

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The Two Main Reasons Companies Provide Mobile Windshield Replacement

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Companies providing mobile windshield replacement do so for two main reasons: the convenience of their customers and safety issues with damaged glass. Vehicle owners often can safely drive to an auto glass replacement center but appreciate having the service done at their home or workplace. In other cases, the windshield is too badly damaged for safe driving.


The convenience factor of mobile repair and replacement service is appealing to many vehicle owners. All they do is make a call or schedule an appointment online. These companies typically provide a way to pay online for even greater convenience. Customers also may make an automotive insurance claim if that is an option.

Safety Considerations

Vehicle owners can drive the car or pickup truck to an auto glass center if a windshield crack does not interfere with visibility. Sometimes, though, this is inadvisable. For instance, if getting to the center would require driving at highway speeds, mobile service is a better choice. Driving on the highway could cause the flaw to expand, especially if there are bumps in the road. More cracks might develop suddenly and spider into the driver's line of sight. 

Sometimes a windshield has extensive damage, making the vehicle unsafe to drive even a short distance. Dozens of spider cracks can happen instantly, and the glass might even be punctured by a fast-moving object. A baseball or golf ball landing with great force can destroy a windshield. So could a tree branch falling in a windstorm. Large chunks of hail hitting the glass may have the same effect.

In contrast, a small stone striking the glass on the highway usually only causes a chip. If the vehicle owner acts quickly enough, the chip can be filled and stopped from becoming a crack.

Some people have the unfortunate experience of the windshield being broken in a vandalism incident with a tire iron or another hard object.

In all of these instances, the automobile would have to be towed if mobile service were unavailable. Not everyone has access to a tow dolly or flatbed trailer, and paying for a tow truck is disagreeable.

Concluding Thoughts

This is one of the easiest ways to have auto repair service done. Generally, the customer does not have to wait with the vehicle during the appointment, but a key must be provided for the technician. The automobile can be driven safely after the adhesive fully dries, which takes about an hour.